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Serious question, who still frequents this forum regularly? I know social media makes it a lot easier to post photos and communicate, but we also see the same repetitive questions on FB. At least on the forum it's relatively easy to search for the info you're looking for. But forums are old school and people prefer the new shiny toy. So this is a serious question, who still frequents this forum? Is it worth continuing? I know Fakebook is gunning for our group on there with almost 30,000 members, and I imagine it's a matter of time before they shut it down. But I'm not sure it's worth continuing on with an old school platform. Let me know your thoughts.
Not a social media junkie, so check in here 7 days a week and read most new posts.
I appreciate the admins and the robust group of knowledgeable members.

Neil 8-)
I know Fakebook is gunning for our group on there with almost 30,000 members, and I imagine it's a matter of time before they shut it down.
I think you answered your own question.

I don't trust Twitter and Facebook. They've given us good reason not to. This might be the only place to come someday.
I check in several times a day usually. I still prefer forums for actual information sharing. FB and Reddit and other places are fine for showing pics or whatever but it's so difficult to search and find information. Hence the reason you constantly get the same questions.

The beauty of forums is the information is here forever and can be accessed and searched even through Google. I even try to steer people here when I see questions on Reddit /canik sub because many there have no idea this place exists.
I check in almost daily, but don't post like I used to...I don't usually have anything intelligent to say, so I've limited my posts. As a side note, Facebook is an evil place and I do not participate...same as Twitter.
Thanks for the replies so far. I just want to make sure there's still value in the effort the moderators and members put into the group. And in reality, someday this very well could be the last place we have to go to discuss our constitutional rights. I've recently had Ebay and Etsy pull the 2A shirt designs we offer. Etsy went so far as to shutting down our page for a few days. I'm looking at alternative options, but the effort from the Left to squash our 2nd Amendment is real.
Forums only for me.

I choose to not opt-in to a voluntary ad-supported data-mining operation dedicated to destroying American values and supporting the leftist agenda.

I don't have much to add to the forum, but I check in regularly to keep up with the news.
I prefer old school. Dialogues are organized and threads are linear and easy to follow.

Hopefully FB will be less revenant in the future due to their left slant and selecting what dialogue is allowed on their site.

I never, ever will buy anything from someone selling on FB.
I'm a day behind but check in almost daily.

As above, ZERO social media for me.

The lack of ammo has severely hampered my shooting and tinkering, hence not many original posts.

And again, stickys would eliminate most of the repetitive questions.

It's your sandbox, but I for one will miss it if it goes.
Rogue Duck wrote: Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:58 pm This forum is one of my favorites.
I am here at the very least once a week.
Usually on my phone.
Thank you!
I think one of the things we need to look at is a more phone friendly version. We'll take a look at some options and see if we can make it easier for people who primarily use their phone for traditional forums.
I think, aside from the ammo shortage, that the lack of really anything new from Canik has kind of squashed much of the discussions here. Just not much to talk about except when folks have issues or are new with the usual questions. It seems like there have been a lot of new people joining. Just not much discussion beyond the Welcome forum.

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