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Canik Fanatik and 2A Shirts, Hoodies, Competition Jerseys and Accessories
For those that were wanting a 1/4 zip competition jersey, we have a couple options listed now on the website, with a variety of colors available. There are two different design options on the front and back, with one being specific to IDPA/USPSA. ... ik-fanatik
14 Zip Team CFs.jpg
14 Zip Team CFs.jpg (143.41 KiB) Viewed 10587 times
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I will let you know when I receive it...But I can already tell that I will be fetching, with a capital "fetch".

I wonder if my last name will fit...14 letters.
As I sift through the many gems of our forums, I see these beauties! Clicked on the link at the home page and got "LIMA CHARLIE USA
is taking a short break". Now I'm sad.
FiteNess wrote: Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:39 pm If the site comes back up (or if there is another way) I'm probably going to spring for the blue one, it goes with my eyes! @-)
I'll have it back online in a few days. I'm away on vacation but will be back home this coming weekend.
I just stumbled across this post and would love one of these jerseys. I followed the link but it was broken. I searched Etsy but was unable to find one on there. Can someone tell me if these are available to purchase and if so provide a good link? Thanks!

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