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I'm looking at a S&W Model 66 no-dash revolver, with a serial number 7K8X XXX, but with some things that don't jive with my online research. The gas ring is on the yoke, not the barrel, which says "no dash". The sights are not SS, but orange on front and black on back, which says "after no-dash". Other features say "no dash", but the sights don't jive with "no dash"...I did find someone with a similar situation on another forum, and folks told him that this could be a late "no dash", before the official transition to the " - 1", where they put new sights on the older model.

I have the original box, and the serial number matches what I show above and shows model 66 without a dash the more I type, the more I believe I have the late "no dash" with a hybrid/Frankenstein sight configuration.

Anybody have any better information or knowledge?

How's it look and how much do you want it? How long is the barrel? Are the non-stock sights enough to turn you away from the deal?

I bought a S&W model 15-4 from and it was better than I thought (no pitting what so ever) when I got it and, I started changing it up too. Had to white-out the back of the front sight to be able to see it and I changed out the grips and cylinder release.

I'm not a revolver purist. Function above all else.
Yeah, it was kind of a stupid question without giving more is near 100% with a 4" barrel. And I believe the sights are stock from the factory, but just a late model "no-dash" during the transition to the " - 1". The sights are " - 1" factory, and I guess it wasn't too rare to have transition models at the end of a model run. I've been a good boy for a few years, only buying one gun this past Sept (the Ruger Super Redhawk .44 that I mentioned in another post), and for some reason, I have a wheel-gun-fever since the Redhawk...
I'm leaning toward $800, but am open to other opinions, even if they say I am crazy or stupid. Wouldn't be the first time...
Found this video showing what I have in hand...the "no dash" with the non SS sights, so S&W did start using the later sights on the original model 66.

I offered $850 and she hasn't gotten back to me. She is moving and asked me to keep the gun in my safe, so I have 9/10ths of the gun... :-D
$850 and it is now in my collection. I have a blued Model 19 from 1967 and this Model 66 from 1975. They look like twins (other than color). They needed to be together and the gun safe is now a place of balance and utopia.
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