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By Jester560
NyceCanik wrote: Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:06 pm If anyone is looking GAG has 10 and 20 round TP9 series mags in stock. Just ordered a couple.

Link please
By TKDBarry
I just got an email this afternoon from Canik USA - Century Arms that 12-round mags are in stock. I haven't found any OEM mags available since I bought my TP9 Elite SC back in Sep 2020, so I grabbed a couple while they're still available. :-) It will make range time much more fun, I'm sure!
TP9FXSBR549 wrote: Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:03 pm Grabagun had 20rd mags available 3 days ago. Sole out in 20 minutes. The next day I got an email saying they were back. I ordered 6.
I got an excuse and a refund. Inventory glitch or screw up. When I got that info I went on the waiting list at gun mag warehouse. 2 days later I got a notice, ordered 6. Got them yesterday!

Now I want some 18's with the black base for my Combat Elite. :-BD

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