Anyone, Scorpion vs Stribog?

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Anyone, Scorpion vs Stribog?

Post by SSGNDoc » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:59 pm

Thinking hard about adding a carbine based pistol to my lineup. The CZ Scorpion has been out for several years. The Slovakian made Stribog, doesn’t have as much of a track record, but early reviews look promising.

I’ve shot scorpions in a few configurations, unbraced, pistol braced, and the 16 inch carbine version. Ever even touched a Stribog.

Anyone here have experience with both, and care to share preferences?
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Re: Anyone, Scorpion vs Stribog?

Post by Janik » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:11 pm

I know @TL1000RSquid has a Scorpion. Not sure if he's messed with the Stribog though.
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Re: Anyone, Scorpion vs Stribog?

Post by TL1000RSquid » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:54 pm

I've had my Scorpion awhile, pistol version first braced now i got a stamp and factory folder on it. Its never given me any problems shoots everything ive fed it and runs good suppressed. I've shot a stribog once my only complaint was the reciprocating charging handle, which is fixed on the gen 2 models. The scorpion does have alot more aftermarket support at the moment though I'm sure the Stribog will be getting more support in the future too. The stribog is cheaper I believe, not sure how much mags go for? PSA AK-V 35 round mags are usually $15 and work flawlessly, magpul's are same price haven't tried them yet. Gen1 oem's are under $20 they can crack if you drop on feed lips but i havent broken one yet, gen 2 mags are reinforced and $28ish. Only gripe with the CZ would be the ambi selector which is a $10 fix to delete it or $20 for AK lever style one.. oh I prefer the ak style mag release as well I forget who's i have HBI I think so you can grab mag and release or use trigger finger to push and lettem drop. I've also added apex grip, trigger spring kit, trigger shoe, folding aluminimum charging handle. I might add shorter barrel in the future and new handguards.
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