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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Sun Oct 30, 2022 6:38 pm And now, without further fanfare, old slow guys!

Our monthly USPSA match with one of the clubs I shoot with. Finally tally? 13th out of 21 in CO with 97 "A" hits and 16 "C". No "M"s or NS (No shoots).

Did I mention that I was slow?
Nice! I can relate. Maybe we should found the Canik Tortoise Club?

I shot my Rival in a Steel Challenge match on Saturday. Finished 3rd in Carry Optics.

Out of 3... LOL!

On a better note, I also shot my DW Guardian in the same match in Single Stack and won my division! First place ... out of 1 entry... LOL

Sadly, my Bluetooth was not working between my phone and Insta360 cam, so I didn't get any video.
GlennSFX wrote: Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:04 pm
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:08 pm OK, here's one from stage 4 of my first timed steel match on 10 FEB. My "video production assistant" was only available for two stages.

There were 6 total stages, was set for 150 rounds minimum (I well exceeded) and was the second most fun you can have with your cloths on. Don't ask what the first one is.

If I can do it (and show video evidence) so can anybody. I'm more 62 than 61; never too late to start. Boy-oh-boy is it fun. The other shooters are helpful and only bust your butt when needed. And it was often.

Like the shirt?
YES...the shirts are AWESOME!

:lol: ...and I'm more 61 than 60!!! I'm right there with you brother!
Never too old for this...and if you want to have the MOST FUN..."STEEL CHALLENGE" at the NUDIST COLONY!!!! =))

I'm really curious... he said: " the second most fun you can have with your cloths on" - so the last four words would disqualify competing at the nudist colony... I really wonder what the is THE most fun you can have with your clothes on... a Canik with a giggle switch perhaps?
Well, I shot the South Carolina USPSA Sectional Championship on Saturday. Carry Optics division, shooting my Rival (non-S).

I have to say, I have not been practicing, and it showed! I teach scuba on the side, and the last 3 months have been chock full of training and trips to warmer waters. I just haven't been getting in the range time or even dry fire practice at home that I was last Fall. I seriously stunk up the joint at the Sectional.

But, I'm okay with that. It was still better than not going. Also, it was my first "big" match. I.e. my first match outside of my local club match I've been shooting. All in all, it was definitely an educational experience and that was a big reason I spent the money and did the driving required.

On the positive side, my Rival ran flawlessly. I only had 1 mechanical issue all day and it was due to my failure to get a mag fully seated on a mag change during a stage. That's the first time that's happened to me. I blame it on needing to change while also running from downrange to uprange, all while making sure I didn't flag anyone or break the 180 with the muzzle. But I digress...

If you want to feel better about your own shooting, here's something that should help. :grinning:

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