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That is what I'm thinking too. Nice bevel on the loading port, enlarged bolt release, enlarged safety, tapped receiver, mlok on the front whatsit, adjustable LOP to point out a few with a price tag that is only half way to insanity. Supposedly comes with 6 chokes. Reviewers say it handles all loads.
So I decided on the Remington and ordered it after my last post. Paid in full. Called my guy today to check progress. Among other things, he said: "oh, did you want that one? what model was it?" Good thing I have a receipt.
Tune in next week for:

All Over it Like Water on Oil
Dropping the Ball like Elon

This is my normal guy. Yes he is always like this. Im loyal to a fault and patient.
So it (along side the MK IV I ordered) is here. Got here on Friday morning last week. After speaking with Classic Rando friday afternoon (Rando doesn't do mornings) I am certain that I will take delivery at some point when he deems it appropriate to show up at his gun store and give me a call (Rando doesn't do Saturdays), hopefully one day this week. Was supposed to be today. No call, but like Classic Rando says: "Mondays are always crazy". That they are Rando, that they are.

I have paid in full in advance on every purchase I have made with this retailer since it opened earlier this year. If I had a customer like that, I would take care of their business. Maybe my next "guy" will understand this.

I'll update this thread with a review if I take possession of the V3 before the earth crashes into the sun.

Stay rusty.

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