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About a year ago I sold my burnt bronze DA to fund my Elite Combat. Still have my black DA's, but missed the burnt bronze. Yesterday I added another burnt bronze DA to my collection and got some trigger time this morning. As usual, the DA is an excellent shooter. I took my trusty V2 along which of course is worn in, so the trigger is a bit smoother and lighter. But overall, the DA did great with the "break in". I started with a couple hundred rounds of 115gr Blazer, then shot 50 124gr NATO, and ended with a couple mags of 124gr HST to make sure there aren't issues with hollow points. The double action on the new DA is still a little stiff, but manageable. But I definitely like how on my older DA's and V2's how it really has smoothed out and I can put rounds on target center mass quickly. I added the [mention]GallowayPrecision[/mention] reduced power spring kit to one of my black DA's, and will probably do the same to this one. Like I said, over time they smooth out nicely, but I'm too impatient. I'll probably just throw the spring kit in shortly. Also, I think I've been spoiled by the Night Fision sights I have on some of my other Caniks. I don't mind the white dot front and blacked out rear, but for consistency, I'll probably put a set of Night Fision on the burnt bronze DA as well. For carry, I like it. For competition, I'll stick with the fiber optics on my Elites, or red dots.

Anyway, was another uneventful day at the range. Everything Canik ran flawlessly. I don't know exactly why, but I just really love the V2 and DA TP9 models offered by Canik. I know they are a little unique with the DA/SA trigger, but they also are just about the perfect size for me. But, I do carry a Walther P99c daily, which is a DA/SA striker as well, so it only makes sense that I would find myself shooting the DA and V2 the most. The double action isn't bad at all, the single action is incredible. The V2 was my very first Canik, and I never go the range without it. The double action trigger is so smooth now, and the transition to single action is super easy.
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I'm glad you got another bronze one, Janik! :smile:
I just ordered a Baldr Pro (the new Olight offering - light/green laser) for mine; nightstand gun. Donating my Olight mini to my wife's VP9 - her nightstand gun. I'll probably swap the Baldr Pro on/off the DA on to my Elite, when I carry it, now that I also have a holster on the way from redxgear (the Xpert OWB holster) that can handle it.
I am really thinking seriously about color-filling with black, the branding on the DA's slide. I have read your post a dozen times, and am ready to try it.

Best wishes,

Neil 8-)

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