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I actually have a TP9 Elite Combat. It has a metric threaded barrel (13,5mm X 1mm LH).
I would like to use it on my 1/2" x 28 suppressor, without an adaptor if possible.

Prepper Gun Shop has a 1/2" x 28 barrel for the TP9SF Elite.
It says NOT THE TP9SF, TP9V2 OR THE TP9SA, but doesn't mention the TP9 Elite Combat.
Will the above barrel fit my TP9 Elite Combat? Or am I stuck using an adaptor or switching pistons?
It's the Elite barrel I'm thinking of getting. My gun is an Elite Combat. It seems to be the same as Elite, just some upgrades.

Thanks to all who helped. Darn! It's on backorder now.
Oh well, It will be another month before I get the suppressor out of jail anyway. :)
jnichols2 wrote: Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:51 pm Darn! It's on backorder now.
Might want to look on Gunbroker for one then. Who knows if they will actually restock them. Not sure they are real hot sellers. I've seen their SFx and V2 threaded barrel options on Gunbroker from time to time. It would be worth a search.
I was notified it shipped a few minutes ago.
No hurry, my suppressor paperwork was among a very large batch that got hung up over e-signature.
The process seems to be moving now, but it will still be several months.

When I get the Canik barrel, I can check it out during a "Jail Visit".
Besides, I'm healing from having my upper teeth pulled and implants installed. :) :)
Well, my TP9SF Elite barrel with 1/2" x 28 threads arrived yesterday.
I checked it out this morning. It seems to be the same as my Elite Combat, except it doesn't have flat sides.

I cleaned, lubed, and installed it.
It function checks OK, and cycles snap caps. It should work fine for my supressor.
It's not a Match Grade barrel like the original, but I won't have to be swapping supressor pistons.
I'll still have the Match Grade barrel for any time I need/want to use it.

My mouth is feeling some better after having the upper teeth pulled, and four implants installed.
I'm hoping to get to the range to try it out next week.
The barrel Janik listed is the one I got. It's not match grade.
However; I'm pretty sure the difference between standard and match grade is above my skills anyway.

As I stated above, it definitely fits, and passes function test. I may be able to fire it today.

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