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Wanted to give an update on my NFA Items that have been in NFA jail for awhile in case anyone was thinking of going quiet. I had 2 suppressors with a Form 4 Trust, mailed in. I called to check last week and found out both were approved on 10/23.

375 Days. :evil: :eek: :sad:

While I was doing backflips in my car the nice gal told me they are averaging 370-400 days.
The Online NFA tracker that Silencershop links to is not updated or maintained--

1) My local FFL submitted the forms & stored my suppressors in his safe.
2) Check was cashed 5 days after receiving the forms. Sent certified mail / signature required to track the progress.
3) These were my first NFA / suppressor Items.
4) SilencerCo Sparrow (.22) and Saker (5.56)

Squirrel population from my back deck about to decline =))
Interesting. Well, the Form4 Trust time on your link is still only around 325 days. I"m just being wishful. My 9mm is in jail but I have a .30 and a .22. The .22 suppressor is just laughably quiet and my 300BLK shooting subsonics suppressed makes me giggle every time.
my last can was approved back in march or so, was around 10 month wait using kiosk. At the moment im like 4 months in waiting on SBR approval on 2 AK receivers. Probably going to do another 9mm can soon that will permanently live on my Scorpion.
colonel00 wrote: Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:03 pm I've got 2 more cans I want to get going before the next election. Then I'm done....maybe....unless I "need" another one....
Yeah I should do a couple more suppressors before the elections besides the 9, another 5.56 and maybe a 3rd .22 maybe another sbr ar lower
By ncjw
colonel00 wrote: Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:39 pm I only have 2 stamps but they were on the same Form 4. So, I'm still waiting out my second filing. I don't expect it to be any faster as Squid states.
My suspicion is that they are hoping for a Dem president and holding them up. Or a crush of people are applying before a possible Dem president exec orders them out of existence.
The wait has been pretty long for a while now I believe. I think it was more that when manufacturers started cranking out cans that were intriguing and affordable and people learned more about the process and legalities that there was a drastic increase in filings that the ATF wasn't prepared for. I do agree though that they don't really seem to be in a rush to staff accordingly to get the stamps out in a timely manner.

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