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Focused Discussions for all Canik Firearms. (TP Series, P Series, Shark, Stingray & MKEK)
I’m picking up a TP9SF on Thursday for my wife. Just got her started shooting and found that she likes full size guns. Only problem is that she has a little trouble manipulating the slide. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for her?
FrankW wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:13 am Make sure she is using the correct technique to rack the slide. Is she pushing with opposing hands and not just pulling back with one hand on the slide.

I agree... Also maybe look into shooters gloves... The right pair can add some grip for her...
I dont Canik gives in all model same spare parts in box . But in myh Elite S Combat i have small Plastic case coming with few spare parts and charging handle. This Charging handle may only use with Red Dot attachment base on pistol. For me very useless. I am shooting always with gloves in range. Couple of time i cut my finger realy bad during checking my gun in range. So i start to use only gloves.




But generally i may say Canik has very heavy recoil spring. Even i am use extra effort for sfot charging. I place order from DPM System soft spring for my Canik. I think best option is change Spring.
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