My first trigger action mods to my SFX

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My first trigger action mods to my SFX

Post by John_ » Tue Aug 28, 2018 12:33 pm

Ok, so my springs arrived from Ghost. Three pack 6.5# striker springs for a Glock, and a reduced power safety plunger spring. Got the three pack of striker springs for a spare, and I just might try cutting some coils one day. First some baseline stock trigger pull data. Wheeler Digital gauge.

Bone stock = 4lb 12oz, 5 pull average.

Installed the 2 Ghost springs and did some light polishing. Lightly polished striker spring carrier housing, striker contact area on it's little lever, safety plunger circumference, and the two humps on trigger bar in the lower. Didn't disassemble or polish anything in the lower receiver other than the two humps on the trigger bar which can be polished from the top.

After mods = 3lb 7.5oz, 5 pull average. So a 1lb 4.5 oz reduction so far. For $13 delivered for the springs, and two really cool Ghost decals.

Next mission, to go to Home Depot and look for the "Weapon spring assortment" for $5. That stock trigger return spring in the lower measures 1lb 13 ozs by itself, on the way to the wall. Hopefully I can cut out another 6 or 7 ounces right there.
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