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By Ben W.
Well I was looking around for a back-up gun for USPSA Carry Optics.. that's what I shoot with my Black SFx, and a Titanium SFx just fell into my lap this afternoon. I've never had any problems with the pistol, but my optics have gone out on me twice, which is not very encouraging!! So.. now I have a back-up. Just have to add an optic sight, and do the other mods to make the pistols identical. At least I know how to do that. For those looking for pistols, hang in there. They are out there, you just have to be patient, and maybe just a little lucky!!
By Ben W.
FrankW wrote: Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:09 pm Hi Ben W.,

Was the failed red dot the Vortex Viper that came on your FX as a package?

Hi Frank. Neither of my SFx's came with a red dot. My original SFx I mounted a Burris Fastfire III on; problem is something to do with the battery. I cleaned out the battery compartment and dried it out with alcohol on Q-Tips.. seems to be working ok now. New pistol will be getting a SWAMPFOX Justice, with the "larger" reflex screen. I already had the reflex sight so will install it tomorrow, then to the range ASAP to sight it in. Really good price in the SWAMPFOX, and they have a good guarantee, something like 10,000 rounds or so. Anyway, the price is VERY good so wanted to try it out. I have heard mixed reviews about the Vortex Viper....
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By FrankW
Hi Ben W,

Good, I was concerned that you had gotten a Viper in a package deal. The Viper is not a good choice. I have a Vortex Venom and a Holosun. The Holoson comes on when the gun is picked up. Good feature. I like my Venom a lot but for some reason in short supply.

By Ben W.
Hi FrankW. The SWAMPFOX I picked up has the "wake-on-movement" feature too, and it seems to be working fine so far. I took the "new" (to me) SFx apart to clean and inspect. It seems to be one of the older models with the black finish on the Slide components; firing pin block and firing pin, as well as the trigger bar & other receiver parts.. Now I need to get some of the new style components that are pre-polished and install, and use these for back-up parts. The pistol, when I took it apart, was dry as a bone! Some slight surface finish wear, but overall it looked good. Apparently hadn't been fired much and it cleaned up nicely. I changed out the striker spring and the striker block spring and put in a lighter recoil spring assembly (I use the NDZ captured Glock Gen4 guide with ISMI flat-wound spring), getting it ready for my light loads for competition. I mounted the SWAMPFOX to the slide, and only required a very minor adjustment to boresight the Optic (laser bore sighter; works great!). Lubricated everything up and put it back together and feels very good. Now I need to order a Freedomsmith trigger and I may be about done for now. Looking forward to wringing out the pistol as well as the SWAMPFOX optic.
By Ben W.
Ok, Freedomsmith trigger ordered. They had a "blem"... works for me as the pistol is for GO, not SHOW. Will try to post some pics soon if I can figure out how lol!
By FiveDigit
I had 3 Vortex Venoms break on me. That doesn't mean they are bad. They each lasted about 15-20k rounds. Vortex replaced them with brand new units each time with no questions asked. A slide mounted red dot is taking unimaginable abuse for an electronic device and precision optical device. Enough rounds will break anything. Warranty is the key aspect of these sights.

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