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By One1
Went and broke in my Elite SC today. 20 rounds of critical defense, then 250 rounds of 115 Reloads. The first 100 shots were all over the place. First it shot low, then it shot high, then it went back to the center. About the 4th mag it was shooting low so I raised it up and hit center then it went high by the same amount it was low. It was like the barrel was moving around.

Do these have a break in where the barrel needs to seat? I haven’t experienced this with any other gun, but it seemed like my SFx did the same thing when I broke it in (never confirmed).

To be sure i held on center and fired two mags. Some went low, some went high, but they were always at the exact same distance (10 yards) and the amount they went high or low was very consistent. If this had been my SFx it would have eaten the center out of the target. Instead I had 4 perfectly lined up low, 4 perfectly lined up high, and some in the center.

By the 250 rounds end I felt like the gun was shooting more center, but still managed to shoot high or low every now and again. When I first started shooting I was aiming with the front sight dot completely over the two rear sight line to hit center, but it would change and go high because I was aiming high (it never shot high IMO, only went high because I was compensating for it). So it basically shot very low or center randomly.

When I first got the gun I noticed the barrel sat at the bottom, not center. Didn’t think anything of it, but I feel like it has been moving around During the break in.

Anyone ever had this happen?
My self and a buddy who has an SC never experienced these issues. They were dead nuts accurate right front the start with the stock sights. They have maintained accuracy with the addition of a red dot.
Thanks, good to know. Maybe it was the reloads? These are pretty good reloads from a reloading store locally, but I’m not sure if that could have been a factor or not.
One1 wrote: Sat May 23, 2020 9:15 pm Thanks, good to know. Maybe it was the reloads? These are pretty good reloads from a reloading store locally, but I’m not sure if that could have been a factor or not.
I was zeroed in with brass and never had an issue. Shot a bunch of Wolf steel cased ammo (which I shoot a ton of because I'm a poor bastard) and my groupings were all over the place from one box. Switched back to brass and it was a laser beam again. So ammo could affect it in my mind. I've shot Wolf since then and no issues. Must of been a box or a couple boxes that had some anomaly. I expected the whole case to be bad, but it wasn't. I shot some of my relatives reloads last weekend. One gave me an FTE every round. The other was the most dead nuts accurate round I ever shot. Try a few different brands of ammo, and if you're still having issues, then I'd be inclined to believe it's the gun.
I’ve got plenty of new Fiocchi and Federal to take back out tomorrow, just didn’t expect issues with the reloads. I was shooting them previously with the SFx as well when i noticed a similarity.

The 20 shots of critical defense were where i expected them to be.

AA31DFEA-3266-483A-B19B-284CAEA9171A.jpeg (210.1 KiB) Viewed 1257 times

These brass reloads are better than any steel Tula, monarch, etc. and they are damn sure not cheaper. $$$

Just shot a box of Fiocchi and did the same thing, but my videos of the target are at least showing me what its Doing now. The shots are all low by about 2”. Is the screw on the rear sight an adjustment screw or is it just for locking the sight in place?

A63E4441-05B2-41FF-B6C4-186C77C5614C.jpeg (274.73 KiB) Viewed 1204 times
390EC1E6-D477-4DC0-AEE8-AB377D83FC2C.jpeg (454.45 KiB) Viewed 1204 times
I ask because the manual suggests it’s windage only. So why is it shooting low? Man i really don’t want to send this in and be without a carry gun for weeks.
4543D169-A8B2-45A2-8F68-A285491CEB50.jpeg (241.42 KiB) Viewed 1183 times
Pretty sure I saw someone else ask, but some pistols are set up for different sight alignment holds. Which hold did you try with the different loads?


Also not uncommon at ranges inside of 25yds to see some impact shift from various loads to other loads. Usually more obvious when changing bullet weight, but can be seen in changes from hot loads to mild loads, and can sometimes seem backward in the effect on point of impact. Slower light loads may impact higher. Heavier bullets may also impact higher.

Sometimes when I see someone have a wandering point of impact that improves after more rounds, I chalk it up to the shooter getting used to getting a consistent grip on the pistol. My last range session, I was shooting two pistols that I have thousands of rounds through, and then brought out a new pistol. My familiar pistols were shredding target centers. The new pistol, after 150 rounds and 5 different brands of ammo sampled had some visible point of impact shifts, but I caught myself, just not quite getting the same grip consistently in some of those instances. Double checking my grip and concentrating on tactile landmarks improved consistency.

Hope things get sorted out.

Oh, and the screw in the rear sight is just a locking screw to keep the sight from drifting left or right, and is not used for elevation.
Thanks for the insight. Canik is sending a barrel even though we couldn’t see any unusual crowning. I told them if that didn’t fix it they could have it back. He was wanting to swap me for a new gun since I seemed to have multiple issues that pics were able to confirm, but I told him if they’d send a new sear, firing pin, and barrel I’d be willing to keep this one since it’s brand new. I’m expecting the sear and firing pin in the next day or two. The barrel was just ordered to be sent out so probably be a week or so. Canik has been super helpful and even though I think I got a lemon they have been more than helpful about fix or replace.
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