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By wdfwguy
Someone offered me their Canik to try out at the range, and I loved it. Great sights, great trigger, and unbelievably accurate.

But apparently, the version I tried was the TP9SF Elite Salient. I was ready to order the SFX version, but now I'm wondering if the version I shot had the great trigger and accuracy because it was the tricked out "Salient Elite"

Should the SFX be just as accurate as the model I shot? I don't mind upgrading or polishing the trigger, but I'd like to know if the barrels/accuracy are similar.

All of the caniks are pretty accurate. As far as the triggers go they are nice out of the box but a Freedomsmith trigger makes them great. I have a elite with the freedomsmith champion trigger and a spring kit. I have been impressed with the trigger and accuracy of this gun.
The trigger on the Executive (Salient) is much better out of the box than an SFx trigger. My SFx trigger required work to get to the level it is at now and still not as great. The Executive was exceptional immediately, as you experienced.
I wish I could shoot as good as my TP9. I selected the Canik because I wanted a good gun right out of the box.

I also have a target pistol that has been modified to make it a great shooting gun. I honestly can't tell the difference between the Ruger and Canik.

Not sure what you plan on doing with the pistol you have/or going to have. For me the stock Canik is a very satisfying gun to shoot.
Sorry if I wasn't clear with my original question.

I shot the Salient Canik and I was very impressed with the accuracy. But I plan to purchase the SFX, not the Salient. I'm wondering if I can expect an SFX to be as accurate as the Salient, or if the Salient was that accurate because of an upgraded barrel, etc.
I have both and they are both great. The SFx is very accurate. I can reliably ring 60% silhouettes at 100 yards in the offhand with it and small targets inside 30 yards feel easy. Both pistols barrels are cold hammer forged and match grade. I shoot better and faster with the SFx than the Executive.
Different length barrels. The longer barrel should be easier to hold steady. But I would not think the term accuracy should include the shooter's ability to shoot the gun. Even though practically speaking we all shoot offhand for score.

I guess I should take what you are asking is if the FX shoots offhand the same, better or worse then the shorter barrel SF.

In my case my target 5" barrel seems to shoot the same as my 4.46" barrel SF.

The following link is a study of accuracy and barrel length. The conclusion was that barrel length did not change the rifle's accuracy. Yes, this is a rifle study but it should hold true for pistols too. It looked to me that match grade ammo was a very big factor in accuracy. The article is very frank, I hope this help. ... -accuracy/
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