Which TP9 Would Be the Best All-Around Choice.

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kramden wrote: Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:51 am My first Canik is going to be the TP9 SFX. I have CCW's. Going to a full size this time. Recently saw a (Guns and Ammo??) program featuring the Canik TP( SFX that really caught my attention. Going to give one a try.
I've always felt like barrel length is secondary to grip size for CCW. If you can comfortably carry a Elite you can carry an FXS. (Appendix carry excluded :-D )

I love my FXS but have it raced out with a sub 3.5 trigger and unless I'm open carrying (Thank you Texas!) I like a slide safety for condition 1 carry.

That said with a proper holster the SFX is as carry-able as any 1911 and a very capable firearm!
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Well, I have the SFX, ELITE, COMBAT ELITE, ELITE SUB COMPACT, SO I have 4of the best all around tp9 pistols made. Hardest decision for me is which one to carry today.
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