Back Strap Option.

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Back Strap Option

Use standard back strap.
Use extended back strap.
Total votes: 14
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Which back strap do you use?
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All my Caniks have the original. In fact about 90% of all my pistols have the standard backstrap on them.
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yep me too
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I think that the back strap you use has a lot to do with the size of your hand and maybe your grip. I have small hands and use the smallest back strap. I shoot with a fella with big hands and he thinks my back strap is too small. He uses the largest one. I don't like his large back strap.

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Whichever one gives me the most natural reach to the trigger. Being able to directly pull back the trigger without pulling the trigger sideways gets my vote.

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I use the standard on my Elite, but installed the larger one on my XDS.
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I use the smaller one that comes on the Caniks. But then, I don't have that big of hands. All my guns I use the backstrap that comes on the guns.
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I used mine "out of the box" for the first three days. I loved the gun of course, but I kept thinking it would be nice if the grip was another 3/8" longer so I could control recoil a bit better. I stayed away from changing back-straps since I don't have big hands and thought I'd continue to work on my grip to compensate.

Before heading out on day four, I thought I'd go ahead and change out the back-strap and honestly, I was surprised how much better it helped. It did nothing to change trigger or mag release reach. Instead, it just planted more grip into my palm. It really made a big, big difference.

It's a very easy swap...for those who haven't done it yet, I suggest trying it. Hopefully you will get the same results I did. If not, it's just as easy to put it back again :)
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I have a fairly large hands and wear XL gloves. I use the standard "installed" grips on all my pistols. I've tried the larger ones, but didn't like the ergonomics. It's all about feel!!!
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Had to swap in the larger ones on the Elite & DA.

Neil 8-)
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Variable... So I haven't voted yet.

I shot my SFx for a while with the standard backstrap installed. I got curious the other day and swapped in the larger backstrap just to try. I'm not sure I like it this way, but I'll be leaving it in for a while until I know for sure. I suspect it will end up with the standard backstrap reinstalled at some point in the near future.
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Standard works well for me.
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I use the extended but wish they made a backstrap that slightly increased the distance from the webbing of the thumb to the trigger. Kind of like the M&P M2.0 medium-large backstrap. Wonder if anyone will make aftermarket backstraps? I have average size hands but seem to just prefer more grip.
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