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Hey folks! Can somebody tell me the differences between the tristar T100 and the C models?I have the canik tp9sfx and love it.Was running thru my head of an all steel gun which Ive never shot.Thanks for any help
I think the C is a bit shorter.... C for Compact.... Somebody with better knowledge correct me please if I'm wrong.
looks pretty much. The T is sort of a copy of the jericho(which copies cz design) look while the c and p's are copies of the cz75.. never tried swapping barrel or slides on frames but otherwise internals should all be the same.
By McCanik
If you are looking for an all steel compact you want the P-100. Tristar's P-100 and P-120 are their version of the CZ SP-01.

The C-100 & T-100s used to sell for $350-$400. The panic buying has pretty much bought all the available inventory because first time buyers don't want to spend much.
Tristar's website raised prices last summer, now $460-$470. If you're willing to pay the new price you might try buying from their website, see if they actually have any left. ... tols-black
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