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Welcome to the forum, MoeSkeeter, and congratulations on buying the SC. I recently got one myself, haven't been to the range with it yet, but living in the country, I set up a target with my large woodpile as a backstop.
The shoot went flawlessly, MoeSkeeter. I got out there again today, originally to try out my old Marlin 22 bolt action following a minor repair. Since my wife doesn't feel confident racking the slide on the Caniks, I coached her with my old Harrigan-Richardson 22 target pistol and she fired a round or two.
I fired an assortment of ammo with the Caniks including making sure it handled my Fort Scott TUI (tumble upon impact) defense rounds OK. They handled it all 115 gr FMJ, 115 gr TUI, some Federal synthetic coated 140 gr. About 60 rounds in all without a single issue, I would have shot much more but ammo is in short supply.
A really fun day!
colonel00 wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:19 pm
shovelmike wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:46 pm Since my wife doesn't feel confident racking the slide on the Caniks,
Take a look at the M&P Shield 380 or 9mm EZ. They are great little guns for those that have a harder time with stiff recoil spring manipulations.
Thanks so much for the info on those guns.

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