New TP9 SFx owner from California... Yes, you read that right

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Hello everyone, just purchased a TP9 SFx. Due to the shortage in ammo I was able to buy ONE box of ammo, so needless to say I've yet to shoot it. Like I said, I live in California, and I realize this gun isn't in the CA roster. Basically, I'm military and my home of record is New Mexico, so I purchased it there and brought it with me.

Anywho, it only came with one of the small rear sight adapter plate screws. The small flat head one. Anyone know where I can order another one? It's supposed to have two. Any help would be appreciated.

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If you contact Century Arms, the Canik distributor they would likely send you one, from what I have read their customer support is excellent.
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Welcome aboard the forum.

I survived a bunch of years living in California; I'm a product of their school system (insert sarcastic remarks here).

Thank you for your service.

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Welcome from Jefferson. I am an expat from Kalifornia, left over 25 years ago. Century Arms customer service is fantastic. They will send it to you.
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Welcome to CF and congrats on the SFx!
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