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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
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Glad to have found this forum. New gun,TP9SFx, new questions (for me). I've read a lot of the topics and there seems to be a VAST amount of knowledge on hand. I heard that the SFx was 3 gun capable right out of the box, needed a 9mm and the pistol followed me home. LOVE the trigger! somewhat disappointed in the accuracy. tried everything including bench rest and can't seem to anything better than a 5" group at 15 yards. Suggestions? What am I missing? Don't have this problem with my other pistols shot on the same day.
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Welcome to the forum. Not sure on the grouping. My SFx is a laser beam.
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Welcome aboard the forum.

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Welcome, cant speculate on accuracy. I put a red dot on mine and just shoot the center out every time. Any way you can use/borrow a Ransom Rest to test accuracy?
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welcome to the site, lots of good people here to ask for advice, and other types of questions. :-H
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Welcome to the forum. Accuracy is not a Canik complaint I hear often, if ever. Have you tried a variety of different weights and brands of ammo?
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I dont think I have ever heard of an sfx with accuracy issues.Most.comments are just the opposite.
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What they said.

It's hard to diagnose an accuracy issue, but 5" at 15 yards is ridiculous. It's hard to imagine what would cause such a large group. Not doubting you, just can't begin to understand how.
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My SFx shoots a good deal better than I can, with my reloads. I don't think I've ever sent a factory round down the pipe. Mine shoots 147 coated extremely well. Like was said before, try some different brands and weights. If worse comes to worse I'm sure you could get the barrel replaced as a warranty item. Good luck!
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your accuracy issue. I got my first Canik less than a year ago. 5 Caniks later and thousands of rounds later, they are going strong. Not to add salt to the wounds, my first time using my SFx for competition was my best showing to that date. If you hand load, I would try different weights of bullets vs different weights and brands of powders. Good Luck.
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