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hey yall, first time canik owner of the tp9sfx after learning about this manufacturer not too long ago.

I went to the range a few days ago and test fired the elite combat and instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to get my hands on a canik. went to a local Scheels by my house and saw that they had a tungsten tp9sfx w/ the vortex rds in stock and bought it right away.

currently im in a bit of a break-in period with the pistol by locking the slide back and leaving it there for a few days now to soften the recoil spring up a bit, especially after reading that some sfx's have a bit of trouble shooting due to how stiff it is. with that in mind, would that stock spring be just as fine shooting 115g ammo or should I look into canik's red and blue recoil spring pack?

any and all first timer canik tips would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to shooting the hell out of this gun after hearing such rave reviews!
Welcome to the forum.First off you picked a fine weapon there.I too have the sfx and in my somewhat limited experience with handguns,it is in my opinion the best out of the box of anything I have fired.If you can find any most suggest running a couple boxes of 124gr nato ammo thru it to loosen up that recoil spring.Also another suggestion would be to take out striker and give it a good cleaning,making sure its dry on reassembly,no oil.With mine I also put a little gun grease on slide rail cuts and racked the hell out of it watching tv to loosen up springs.Get ready for the "mods" to begin.Lots.of.good info on here about that and good folks with willingness to help out.
Welcome. Yes, the RSA's in Caniks are rather stiff. I generally shoot a couple boxes of NATO or something similar through a new gun. I own over a dozen Caniks, and they will eat anything from 115gr to 147gr. Century Arms did send me the reduced power RSA for my SFx, but I didn't install it since I've not had any issues with any ammo after my initial break in. That being said, if you reload, the reduced power RSA might be beneficial, depending on your loads.
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