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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
By GrizzlyPatriot
I was just gifted a Canik from my boss. I work in a local gun store in San Diego CA as a Gunsmith Apprentice and was given a TP9SFX as a bonus this year. Even more special for us in CA it is not on the roster so there are only a few Even in the state. I love the feel of it in my hands I am exited to shoot it in 9 more days.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
GrizzlyPatriot wrote: Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:14 am I work in a local gun store in San Diego CA
WOW! They have those there? Having lived in beautiful San Diego, as all good sailors do at some point, I'm surprised.

Welcome aboard the forum.
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By colonel00
So how are you able to have the Canik if it isn't on the roster? As a temporary transplant living up in the Bay Area, I wanted to bring some of my Caniks for people to check out but if it's not on the roster I thought it was illegal to possess.
You can absolutely posses them in CA so long as they do not have a threaded barrel or a vertical grip attached. We can not purchase them here in CA due to the CADOJ imposed roster of handguns. There are a few exemptions to the roster like private party transfers. Private party transfer is how I was able to get one.
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By colonel00
Interesting. I thought you had to register the handguns and they had to comply with the roster. Oh well, my "deployment" will be over soon enough but that's good to know. Stupid laws make things so confusing.
By GrizzlyPatriot
Alright guys. It took a few week but I finally got to test run the SFX. Being a spoiled Gun Shop guy I can be a bit snobby about my guns. I Will start by saying I usually am not a fan of striker fired polymer handguns. I have made an exception... the TP9SFX is a great handling gun. I cleaned the factory lube off and re lubed as needed and put about 300 rounds through it. I immediately ordered up a Freedomsmith Champion trigger and a split ring. Installed them and shot another 400 rounds. I have my eye on the Springco recoil spring kit, safety plunger spring and 29 Newton striker spring. Needless to say I have a new addiction. I build custom 1911’s and CZ’s and after the trigger upgrades I am amazed at how close the trigger feels in comparison to a 1911 trigger.
By Boostnu
Welcome. Yeah the Canik with a freedomsmith trigger pushed me into letting some of my other guns go that I had a lot more money tied up in the triggers on.

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