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By Arnold229
Hey guys I'm new to the group and I trying to find a replacement teigger bar for my Tp9sfx. I've wrote century arms and waiting on a reply but I'm wondering if anybody here may know where I can order one at. I'm about to put a freedom smith racer on mine but would like to have a replacement/stock one to put on in case anything happens or it may not be allowed in some matches. Thanks for any help and for this awesome forum.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
If you are shooting USPSA, trigger mods are allowed in production. The Canik site doesn't list that in the parts sales section.

One of the smart guys on internals will pop in with some help.
By Arnold229
Ok so I got that problem solved and got my FS Racer trigger installed. Fit like a dream by the way cant wait to get off and test it today. My next dilemma is that I need a good and not crazy expensive holster option for my SFX for IDPA matches. What options are out there and what does everyone here use?

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