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New Members, take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and your interest in the Canik brand of firearms.
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By Bfgloki
Greetings! Currently awaiting my order of my SFX w/ Venom optic to arrive at my FFL here in SA Tx. Long time rifle ( Precision long range ) recently into handguns ( now that my RA in my hands is under control I can actually hold and fire one for more then 15 shots!) In a short period of time I have acquired a M&P 22 Full size, a Ruger Security 9 and a Berretta APX full size. I got to fondle the Canik and immediately knew I would own one soon. I have read so much about them ( good and bad) and I am eager to start shooting with it. I normally use the S&B 115's for my range work but acquired 300 rds of the Winchester NATO 124s that come so highly recommended for break in. Looking forward to the community involvement and if anyone is around SA and ever feels like meeting up at the range ( Nardis, Bullis on the weekends or wherever) just send me a PM!
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By jgillaspy
Welcome to the addiction / club. These folks here really know their Canik stuff. I'm rather new to them myself, but love mine so far. I have a TP9SA Mod 2 and an SF Elite. SFx is next up... By the way, I"m in SATX as well. Where do you shoot? Perhaps we could have a meet up...

By qballbandit
It boggles my mind how many new members mention that they have or are waiting for the SFX.

Welcome, and enjoy! :smile:

Neil 8-)
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By Janik
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the SFx. Keep us posted how it performs once you get a chance to put some rounds down range. After a couple boxes of NATO, all my Caniks will eat anything I feed them. For some reason the stock RSA is pretty damn stiff.
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By Bfgloki

I am a member of Nardis at Alamo Ranch, military and will shoot at Camo Bullis on the weekend, have my card for Bullet Holes and also have gone to A place to shoot from time to time. I live in NW area and will try anyplace really if it means good folks and some trigger time.
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By Bfgloki
Ya that SFx is just a sweet deal and hard to pass up. The elite almost won out as first Canik to own but the SFX was just too good a deal.
Within the year I retire from my 27 year fling in the Military and head back up to NE area so I also have to figure out lower capacity mags. So no suppressor action either🙁
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By GlennSFX
Welcome to the "SFX" family!!!!

I've said it before...but man, I'm amazed at the recent run on SFX's! :-BD
I certainly understand why as it's one of the best buys out there!
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By Bfgloki
Well to be honest, the nail in the coffin was reading your thread about it Glenn. I appreciate the time you put in along with the rest of the frequent posters here to the community. It helps guys like me who are just dipping our toes in feel confident about their decision having a strong experience base to tap if questions arise. When I get back up to CT I will probably be asking a whole crap ton of questions about mags, places to shoot both recreational and maybe even compete ( I have a bit of practicing to do before that becomes a reality)
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By GlennSFX
Bfgloki wrote: Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:28 am I appreciate the time you put in along with the rest of the frequent posters here to the community.
After I bought the SFX, which was my first Canik, I soon found this site. Like you, I was amazed at the amount of great info here!!! Sharing info is a great thing...everyone here is super helpful!

As far as competitive shooting goes...here's a few useful links.

Link to FB CT USPSA...https://www.facebook.com/CT-USPSA-Shoot ... 968830152/

Here's a link to the USPSA Northeast section... http://www.uspsa-ne.org/

Practiscore is a good resource to find clubs and matches in your area... https://practiscore.com/dashboard/home
Most clubs have you register for their match through this site, however some don't. Once you attend a couple local matches, you'll get the scoop from other shooters.
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By Janik
Bfgloki wrote: Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:28 am Well to be honest, the nail in the coffin was reading your thread about it Glenn.
That's really great to hear. Glenn and a few others have dedicated a lot of their personal time to get content online to help other current and future Canik owners. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, there's usually someone on here that can help out.
By Tejas Products
I like to consider myself a fairly decent shooter, but my SFX is way more accurate than I’ll ever be. One day I hope to set it in a rest and see what it really can do.
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By Bfgloki
UGH! I was at my gun club/FFL shooting Wednesday and my SFX arrived. I watched them bring it in and get signed for. I was all types of excited and here it is Friday and they still wont let me pick it up! Something about it needs to be put in the system and verified. So I might be ignorant to this but if they signed for a weapon/chain of custody thing...wouldn't it be verified that it was indeed gtg before putting their name on it saying they received it? I am ok with 24 hrs tops but now we are on day three and my last FFL transfer to the Academy down the street was near instant....it arrived at 4pm and they called me at 4:15 informing me it was ready for pickup. Little disappointed that a club where I am a paying member can't receive my gun, and "put it in the system" in 48+ hrs. Now that said if I walked in and wanted to buy a pistol from their store they would have me all done in an hour (paperwork processing time). Ranting...yes....frustrated and excited to get my hands on my shiny...absolutely. I was hoping to have a day to get it home, clean/polish and lube and 1 range visit before the Sunday pew pew get together with the gents. Now I will be lucky to get it at all.
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By Badgerboy
Sad story Bfgloki….I have had something similar happen to me at my LGS...basically, they are a tad lazy and work at their own pace...at least in my case, this is the issue. Once they "check it in" to their stock, it can be sold immediately...but they check it in at their time and pace. I didn't raise heck because I live a half mile from the store...
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