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Tejas Products - Gift and Laser Engraving Products - Gun Accessories
By Tejas Products
We have setup a discount for Canik Fanatik members on Amazon for all of our Custom Engraved Double Stack magazine Base Plates and both our Stock and Custom engraved AR 15 Magwell plates.

To receive a 20% discount through August 22, 2018 please use the following link.

You should automatically receive the 20% of, if not try code 200CANIK.

If the discount isn't working, please let me know...

If you decide to use the discount and make a purchase, we would appreciate giving a review on Amazon for us.


Tejas Products
By Tejas Products
I'm truly sorry for that.. We had multiple orders though our website this weekend so I didn't catch that you had ordered. Have you received the AR Magwell plate that we sent out to you yet? I had hoped to get a discount setup last week through Amazon and post it here, but projects got in the way until this afternoon.
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