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By Tejas Products
These will be a set of 3 magnetic steel target templates... (Or for any background really).

The first picture is of the actual templates (in cardboard for testing), the second is an actual usage of the templates. Each template is drawn to actual inches for accurate shooting as well as the rabbit is drawn to actual size...

Just looking for your thoughts and suggestions... I am aiming for listing the set of 3 reusable magnetic templates for $14.99

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zeda3000 wrote: Thu May 23, 2019 3:29 pm What is meanin 3 2 1 ?
The markings are 1 inch apart, so from a distance you can see if your shooting 1, 2 or 3 inches from center.
8.5 x 11 actually. I am ordering the magnetic backing material tomorrow and should have fully working sample by mid week next week.. I'll post the finished product then....
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By zeda3000
Ok if we talk about the idea. Instate Rabit , i think Snake could be better. People shooting better the something scared of them. Or idea is to practice for Rabbit hunting?
zeda3000 wrote: Thu May 23, 2019 4:05 pm Ok if we talk about the idea. Instate Rabit , i think Snake could be better. People shooting better the something scared of them. Or idea is to practice for Rabbit hunting?
Appreciate the idea, but not too sure that would translate well to a template. I may add a squirrel template down the road. I am trying to keep them as dimensionally accurate as I can.
By Tejas Products
Well, The magnetic material arrived and I cut out several samples... Unfortunately the material is not very easy to work with and much thinner than I expected.... I'll still try to pursue this product idea but right now I'm not getting the quality I would like... I can do them in the original hard cardboard that I show in the first picture, but the value of 3 pieces of cardboard wouldn't be worth it to a customer... Considering my costs of shipping and commission through Amazon, eBay, etc....
By Tejas Products
TL1000RSquid wrote: Wed May 29, 2019 11:51 am What about the magnetic material used on vehicles people slap on for work related stuff? That stuff seems fairly durable.
Agreed. That is one of the items that I am researching right now.... The material that I purchased was super thin and cutting with the laser made a mess... I have to keep cost as low as possible so that I can offer the set for around $16.00.... Shipping and packaging materials on average will cost me around $3.50 at minimum. Maybe more... Then I have the actual material cost not including time on the laser to produce the items.... After all is said and done I then get to pay business taxes on any profit...

To make a laser business profitable you need to estimate around $1.00 per minute of laser time.. When designing products I have to take into account actual time on the laser, plus any other labor required to finish the items. Right now the magnetic backed set of 3 is getting very close to being not profitable....

I have items that I end up only clearing about $3.50 - $5.00 per unit, and others that I can clear $17.00 per unit.. Both take about the same time to produce.. Difference is what the product is and most importantly what will the market bear...

Let me keep working on it.. I think I have some good designs and that they will sell well.. Just have to find the right material so that I can deliver a good and lasting product...
C wordLover wrote: Wed May 29, 2019 8:07 pm If they’re going to get beat on anyway why not use adhesive backing?
They are templates that you put against steel plates so that you can paint a target on the steel.
By Tejas Products
The steel templates are complete and ready to go. I don't have them listed on my website yet, but should have them posted this coming week. Here are the final results.

Final price will be $16.00 for the set of 3 and as always free shipping.
3 template.png
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