New Elite SC Range Review

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New Elite SC Range Review

Post by Sigman964 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:56 pm

A little late with this, as I've been out with it three times already.

First time. Basic strip and lube. 130 rounds total. 108 rounds Browning 124gr FMJ, 22 rounds Fiocchi 124gr Extrema XTP JHP.
5 failures to fire, click no bang, with the Browning ammo only. Intermittent problem with slide locking back on the last round.
Chalked up the ftf on hard primers, and slide issue is my high thumbs forward grip.

Second time. Basic strip and lube. 142 rounds total. 42 rounds Browning, 100 rounds Remington UMC 115gr FMJ.
6 fail to fire. 2 Browning, 4 UMC. Hmm. Still working on grip.

Third time. Strip, remove striker, clean channel and lube. 137 total rounds. 128 Remington 115gr, 9 rounds Magtech 147gr bonded JHP.
ZERO fail to fire. Woohoo! Getting used to new strong thumb location on grip.

Overall I'm very pleased. Love it in the hand, great trigger and accurate. A little hefty, but not heavy, I think that helps mitigate some of the felt recoil on this "little" pistol.
Back to the accuracy. I have been carry a Sig P365 for almost a year, and have over 1,200 rounds through it, and am pretty decent at the 7-10 yard range. I certainly am no pistolero, but after a few mags with the Canik, I was way more accurate with it than the 365 with all that trigger time.
I was able to almost double my usual distance with the Canik, and still shoot pretty well. Me thinks small grip micro guns just aren't my thing, no matter how hard I try and want it to be.

Verdict. Great pistol for my needs. Destined to become my new EDC, relegating the Sig to deep concealment/back up duty. Probably 1 more outing to make sure that a dirty striker/channel was my fire failure problem.

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Re: New Elite SC Range Review

Post by LT USN (Ret.) » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:26 pm

Nice review, thx.
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Re: New Elite SC Range Review

Post by deserttrans » Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:21 pm

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My experience with the 365 and SC is basically the same. The 365 carries easier and the SC is more accurate in my shooting experience. The SC is heavier by 6+ ounces (both empty) and you feel the weight when concealing. Both excellent pistols and have their place.
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