Iron sight plate PIA!

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Iron sight plate PIA!

Post by Msieg080 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:15 pm

So get sfx with 200 rnds through it. I needed to bump the iron sight just a hair right. So tight I decide to unmount the sight plate, placed in a vice, and soak with wd40. After about 1/2 hr, I attempt to tap it with a sight remover punch, square aluminum...nothing. Pounded harder...nothing. Took my heavy duty steel round punch and whacked it good! Got it to move what I needed!

Here’s the fun part, I put the set screw back in, doesn’t seem to draw super tight, I go to reinstall the plate and the damn thing is teeter tottering! I’m thinking no way I bent this plate! Good news, I didn’t. The set screw is able to push right through the floor of that plate! I didn’t even wrench it tight. Took set screw back out, used punch to “smush” surface Back in, reinstalled plate, then lightly screwed in set screw.

Anyone else notice the plates being weak or issues like this? Be very careful with iron sight set screws!
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Re: Iron sight plate PIA!

Post by TL1000RSquid » Wed Oct 16, 2019 11:51 pm

Dont have any caniks with plates yet but yes sights are on there pretty tight, if you're use to just glock sights youre in for a rude awakening.
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