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I had rotator cuff surgery January 22. I have been off work but had disability insurance. 2 week ago I was released to no restrictions. I have not been able to go shoot until today. Took several guns with me including the TP9SFL and my SFX with me. I love the way they shoot. Trigger takes a little getting used to but I'll learn it. Got pretty good groups. With a little more therapy and strength training it will be better, I was running 124 fmj and had no problems. ran about 50 rounds through both. One thing I noticed was they shot a little low and slightly left. Now that I think about it most all that I shot today where a little left and a little low. Anyway I was glad to be back in my happy place getting high on gunpowder. :-D :-D
I’ve been on hiatus for 3 weeks and still have 3 to go before I can shoot, even then I may take another few weeks to a month before I can really make it a full range trip. I had major surgery and recovery is slow. I’m happy to hear your back getting to play with your toys.
Hadn't shot in a while- recovering form R/C surgery- not used to the shooting a little low and left?

And the answer is?.......... --->->.......... more trigger therapy.
If it was just one gun that shot low and left, one might suspect an issue with that gun, but you said- "Now that I think about it most all that I shot today where a little left and a little low". So, the bottom line must be that you have been away from the guns too long.You NEED to go shoot some more.

I have been once since Feb 2018....I suspect I will not be able to hit the target when ever I do get a chance to go.

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