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By Jester560
I thought I would share my day in hopes of giving you all a chuckle.

Woke up and decided to go to the range. Got to looking for my wallet and it is nowhere to be found. The wife and I tore the house apart twice looking. I went as far as going to a nearby gas station where I thought I might have left it. No wallet anywhere.

So, I made calls to cancel my credit cards and debit card. Called and got new insurance card in route and headed to get a replacement driver's license, carry license and new wallet.

I got all of the above done and returned home deciding to load some 9mm competition rounds to relax. Reached up to my powder shelf and take a wild guess what else was on the wallet. Now I remember putting it there.

I hate days like this!!
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By Jester560
jgillaspy wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 8:02 pm Could have been worse, though... Glad you found it, though.
Thanks :-BD
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By LT USN (Ret.)
Our DMVs are closed due to the COVID. I've been through the same thing with me Mrs., it's a relief when you find it but all those cards to replace, "OUCH!".
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By Janik
Glad you were able to find your wallet in the end. I can't fathom how lost I'd feel if I lost my conceal carry card along with my credit cards.
By qballbandit
Funny, and I can feel your pain.
I have a 4 section foldout card/ID carrier where I carry my DL, CCW, NRA Instructors Card, and my range Draw Card & Membership cards. One night I was taking them out so I could scan copies of them for my bank lockbox, and had a panic attack when I couldn't find my CCW card. I tore the immediate area to pieces, tore the house up, tor my range bag up, my truck....had my wife in a panic.
Went back upstairs and picked up the ID carrier, and tuned it over. I forgot it had a pocket on the reverse side, and there was the card. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! I can not believe the sheer terror I felt while thinking of the extreme hassle of trying to get a replacement card, and not being able to carry. Probably shaved a couple of years off my life in that 25 minutes of stress.

I had a professor in college that used to call these "No Talent Days".

Neil 8-)
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