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Will you still open carry at Walmart?

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By runeight
Walmart is “asking” not to open carry in their stores. I plan on open carry just as before. Asking and doing is two different things.
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I do not open carry either-
Even though it is legal here- I would rather travel incognito. I just want to appear as a harmless old grandpa.
Should the need arise- I can emerge ready to respond.
By smokee
I don't understand open carry out and about in public. Up the mountain/in the woods, fine.

I have seen too many idiots with no situational awareness and a pistol haphazardly clipped to a pair of shorts in a crappy UM "holster" just waiting for some mouthbreathing idiot to grab it. I want to be incognito and not be targeted should a dangerous and potentially lethal event unfold that I can't disengage from.
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By Janik
smokee wrote: Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:06 am I want to be incognito and not be targeted should a dangerous and potentially lethal event unfold that I can't disengage from.
Exactly. Unless I'm out in the wilderness, I don't want people to know I have a gun. It makes you more of a target if someone is planning on doing harm. They will most likely eliminate any potential threats first. And, open carrying makes you a potential threat.
By ncjw
Although legal, I don't open carry anywhere. I may run into a business associate or customer of mine who isn't "woke" to 2A and so it may affect my business. Simply not worth it at this point.

I didn't shop at Walmart often and then mostly to see if ammo was on sale, so although I may not boycott them forever, I won't be going as much.

Come to think of it though, I haven't been inside a Dick's since they went insane, so who knows.
Why ? Why would you want to poke the bear.... Why do you want to be another news article about the crazy right winger gun nuts..... What do you expect to accomplish by walking through a store with your gun exposed.... Your not going to change anybodies mind.. OWC/IWC, that's your choice.... But to purposely incite is a complete anthesis to what we as responsible gun owners should avoid at all cost..... There are much better ways to get your point across.... Write letters their corporate offices, write letters to your congressman, vote... Support pro gun organizations that lobby for your rights...
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By runeight
Really? Are you done now?

The 2nd Is the Final solution for a Government run amuck, it's the last straw, the line in the sand!
It means far more then what you posted too.
It guarantees all men will have the means to self defense AND defense of The Several States.
It guarantees all able bodied men will be able to serve in the States Militia
It guarantees all men will have access to the same weapons and technology available to the regular Army or Navy with out limits
It guarantees all men may stand against a tyrannical government and take back the powers granted said
Further more;
No limits are set against types or numbers or calibers of weapons any man may have
No limits on any technology he may have or use
No limits on when or where or how he may carry, store or use said weapons
“No limits or restrictions placed on where he MAY NOT carry, use, or store said weapons”
“No bans limits or restrictions may be placed on any one that would remove his weapons from him, or would remove his self defense”

So, here's the rub.... Not only is your last post 1000% correct, I agree and will stand behind you every time on everything you just said....

But and I apologize as I really wasn't trying to attack you personally.... Walmart (and unfortunately others), have publicly stated that they do not want open carry in their stores.... That is their right, and we as respectable gun owners need to respect their right.... All I'm saying is that by purposely open carrying (they never said you couldn't bring your concealed weapon into the store). you aren't accomplishing anything except to stir up controversy... Again, I'm not against controversy and standing up for our constitutional rights, I just believe there are better and more productive ways of going about it.... If we do try to walk into their stores open carry, then they will simply put up ZERO GUNS ALLOWED signs and we are now worse off than before.....

The same week that Walmart, Kroger and CVS publicly announced that they ask for no open carry, I walked into each and every single one of those 3 stores with my 9mm safely concealed in my IWB holster..... I want to continue to be able to walk into those stores with my weapon.... In Texas we have a 30.06 (NO GUNS) and a 30.07 (NO OPEN CARRY) signs... I have to abide by those signs unless I want to lose my carry license......

I hope my post makes sense, as yours certainly does... Again I simply couldn't agree more with every single point you make as I hold those truths dearly.....

The comedian Ron White once famously said while being drunk and getting arrested, I had the right to remain silent, I just didn't have the ability.... I have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms... But maybe sometimes I need to have the ability to know when not to bear them without repercussion and potentially lose more of those rights.....

I have a right to wear a MAGA hat..... But I probably wouldn't in the middle of 500 ANTIFA communist all riled up and ready for a fight... I won't win that round....

I have a right to tell a group of bikers that I think Harley's are ugly.... But I also like all of my body parts to remain intact... (BTW, I have nothing against Harley Davisson).....

Again, I sincerely apologize if I insinuated or insulted you... I really wasn't trying to...
By ncjw
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:05 pm
Tejas Products wrote: Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:47 pm I have a right to tell a group of bikers that I think Harley's are ugly
"What's you talking about, Willis?!" Oh the inhumanity; there is (almost) no such thing as an ugly Harley.
There are, of course, ugly Harley riders...

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