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Visited the Dallas Arms Collectors Association show at Dallas Market Hall on Saturday. It turned out to be a pretty disappointing show overall. I remember years past, where that facility was filled to capacity, being shoulder-to-shoulder in the crowd, and seeing table after table of guns. This show was very empty, the hall was at about half vendor capacity, tables were empty, and far apart, and the back section of the floor hadn't even been opened.

Vendors didn't have a lot of merchandise on the floor either. Didn't find anything I had on my list, but I did find the Glock 42 my wife had picked out there... I've taken taken her to shows before so she could pick something she liked. What she picked up was a Glock 42. She liked the size, and said it fit her hand really well. She wanted one that looked nice, and especially liked the baby blue frame with the stainless slide, but that one was more difficult to find. A vendor at the show had that particular option available for a reasonable price, so I bought it for her. Another vendor had the same gun as well, but for $70 more. I'm happy with the price I paid.

Picked up the gun and a set of Pachmayr grip extensions for her, because she likes the pinkie grip. It was a pain the install the extensions because of the extra plastic tabs holding the baseplate in place. The Glock trigger reset was different as well.

I was disappointed with her choice, but if it means she'll like it, learn to shoot it, and carry it, that's all that matters. She hasn't had enough experience shooting to get caught up in the grip angle thing that throws me off, so once she gets used to it, she should be okay.

Until now, she's shot with a Bersa Thunder 380, and she's a good shot with that, but it's a bit heavy for carry. I'm hoping this works better for her.

(Not my photo)
Would love to hear more about your purchase. This is one of four .380's we've narrowed it down to. Sheild EZ, Springfield 911, and Bersa BPCC being the others.
The wife has held them all, but we need to find ranges where we can shoot them all.
That color just about knocked me out of my chair! :-D

Neil 8-)
In this case, it was all about fitting her hand.

She had looked at the Taurus Spectrum initially, but didn't like the way the trigger guard fit her hand. I had tried to point her toward the Walther PK380, as I had opportunity to fire one once and was impressed with the design and low recoil. She didn't like that either. The decision she ended up making was 100% her own. She liked that it was a bit bigger than the LCP-sized options, so she could get a better grip, but still small and light enough to carry comfortably.

I'm looking forward to her getting to shoot it though. I'm expecting the recoil to be pretty gentle, and less than she feels from her Bersa. I'm hoping she can start having some fun shooting it as well. Now, to start shopping for holsters...

The Shield and Bersa would both be a bit bigger, a factor if CC is the objective.

Re: the Springfield.
Both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (neither are shooters) chose the similar Sig P238 for CC, and it has not worked out well. In my mother-in-law's case, she wanted the more complicated pistol so it would force her to slow down and take time to think about what she's doing during an engagement. In other words, "Give the bad guy more time". :-W

My sister-in-law can't shoot hers well, doesn't like it, and they are now trying to find her an alternative.

I'm not a big fan of the Single Action pistols for CC at all, especially for beginning shooters, because of the complexity of the controls. The Sign is a very nice pistol, and I can enjoy shooting it at the range, but I would never choose that one as a defensive tool.
Strike Industries makes a nice +2 extension for $10-12. https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/p ... ock42.html
doesnt look like they make a blue one though. I've been running them for about 2 years and they've been 100% reliable for me. Tried installing them on one of the ETS 7rd mags hoping to get 9+1 but it doesnt work that way only get 1 in.

Also added a TLR6, night fisions sights and a ghost 3.5lbs connector.
I wasn't aware of the +2 adapter. I did see that Pearce makes a +1, but I opted to buy the simple pinkie extension to keep it as sleek as possible. I see that ETS makes that flush-fit 7-round mag you mentioned though. I may end up picking one of those up for her...
I have the Pearce as well it works out fine but +2 is better then +1. The 7rd ETS mag fits about as flush as the factory yet ETS manages to somehow squeeze in an extra round, in doing so it means any extensions will be -1 of its supposed capacity, so just throw a none + anything pinkie extension on those if anything.

Glock Store recently released a +4 I've not had a chance to try it out yet, $25 https://www.glockstore.com/4-Extension- ... =1&color=1
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