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By Offtrackjack
I'm running into an issue with my EGW 7 hole checker and acme 125gr rn coated. My overall length is set at 1.11 and the rounds are not seating fully into the checker. They appear to be getting hung up on the collar on the block. Any advice?
By varmint
Have you changed bullets? the ogive radius could be different and cause that if I understood your issue correctly. Try them in your barrel do they drop in and fall out? I have some 124 Berrys that gage different from 2 gages and trust the L E Wilson as I have for years.
I have changed bullets. They pass the plunk test in my barrels no problem, but in the gauge the acme bullets are causing about 75% of the rim to stick out. The gauge worked fine with the RMR plated bullets that I was using. I've looked at the LE Wilson gauge, but I don't have the time for single hole sorting.
By varmint
exactly what I thought there on the change bullets, still not sure but if I think what your saying is the new ogive is bottoming out and causing the case rim (Bottom) to stick out of the gage, things happen when changes are made, if you load is safe and your OAL is ok you good to go..
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By Texas1911
The EGW is SAAMI spec with NO THROAT. It has a very hard time with bullets larger than .355.

The trick is to know how much you can have them stick out and still function in your gun.

As stated above bullet profile makes a HUGE difference.

As long as they fit and function in your firearm don't sweat it.
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