How to fix a RCBS Charge Master 1500 that wont turn on

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How to fix a RCBS Charge Master 1500 that wont turn on

Post by Canikop » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:00 am

Just a heads up to anyone using a RCBS Charge Master 1500. Don't mix up which power supply (wall wart) goes to the unit like I recently did.
I had 2 different 9v wall warts. Neither were labeled RCBS. I plugged connected one to the RCBS powder scale, and it would not turn on. Ooops! wrong wall wart.
I contacted RCBS, and they gave me a number for a repair house who told me they would repair the scale for $125.00 plus shipping.

I got out my volt meter, opened the cover to the RCBS and read the output of the voltage regulator IC. Output was only 1.47 volts, which should have been 6 volts. I ordered a new L7806CV voltage regulator from for 45 cents plus $4.00 in shipping. Replaced the Voltage regulator IC and now I am back in business reloading.

Lesson learned, put labels on the wall warts!
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