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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
By Bigmaico
Anybody using CFE to reload 9mm?

I've got a 1lb to try out, Trying to get away from the dirty Bullseye.

Also would like to know if your using it in cast bullets.

Thanks in Advance!
By oldfrank
I bought three lbs of it during the last great powder shortage.

Not cast but coated 135gr round nose bullets. I used 4.3grns and got an average of 976 fps with a 1.129 OAL!
This was with a Glock 19 62 degrees temperature.
Maybe this will help you a little!
By Bigmaico
Loaded up some Berry’s 124 plated round nose

4.9 Cfe pistol, failed to eject.

Also tried some 120 hard lead TC’s with 5.3 Cfe, worked great!

Still experimenting with CFE pistol.

More too come as I workout loads .
By Bigmaico
Sandpaper wrote: Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:17 pm I have not used the pistol CFE yet. What firearm? Do you chrono? Temp? Thank you.

I used my Canik TP9SFx!

Sorry I just did a function test at the range where I work, no Chrono & it was about 68f.

OAL was set for my gun using the PLUNK Test.

The ejected nice & no flat primers!
By extremist
My best loads for my 5" 9mms (PPQ 5", G34, M&P 9L) were 5.0 gr CFE. I used 124gr XTREEMS, 124gr Montana Gold CMJ, 124gr TMJ Speer. Good accuracy. Avg Velocity was ~1100 for PPQ, 1075 for G34 and 1080 for M&P 9L. I would expect same for TP9SFX or TP9SFL.

Oh and OAL was 1.15.
By Tontotodd
I use 6.4 gr. C.F.E Pistol with a 90 gr XTP and CCI 500 primers in a R.I.1911 for rabbits. It shoots like a lazer beam in that 1911. It doesn’t do well in the SFL, functions fine, just not accurate.
5.2 gr. of CFE pistol with a 122gr Acme coated bullet and a CCI 500 primer is very accurate in my SFL, but is too hot for the 1911. 5.0 of CFE pistol works well in both the SFL and the 1911, but it isn’t quite as accurate for the SFL as the 5.2 grain load.
Hope this helps
By Claydirt
My go to load is
147 SNS RN coated
3.8 grs CFE pistol
CCI #500 primers
range brass
COL 1.15"

My TP9SFX digests them without any problems whatsoever. I am running the Sprinco guide rod / spring assembly and the lighter striker spring.
By sgschwend
FYI, I use Hodgdon Titegroup. It is one of the newer cleaner powders. Interesting to note is has the same grs count as CFE.
By Bigmaico
I got really bored with this stay at home order, so I sat down and cast up about 400 120 gr tc bullets.

About to go load them, 4.2 CFE, Oal set by plunk test.


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