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Dillon 650
Gallant Bullets 135 gr average weight 135.76gr
Mixed head stamp brass.
Winchester primers
3.5 gr Hodgdon International Clays powder (it is very clean and was on sale)
COAL 1.15

2-10 shot groups shot thru chrono with 5 min break in between each set.
2 Guns both Stock Internals TP9 SFx's. Both have Freedomsmith Triggers.

Both guns averages shown below
Group 1 average 939.2 = 127.505 PF
Group 2 average 939.111 = 127.493 PF
Group 3 average 937.7 = 127.302 PF
Group 4 average 950.125 = 128.988 PF
I have lightened my load to this fine point and have had a few stovepipe failure to eject malfunctions. (2 per 100 rounds during Match's) None while shooting Chrono.)
I was shooting a higher load of around 135+ PF and no stovepipe failure to eject.

My question is will a Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System rectify my problem with stovepipes Or should I just keep my guns all stock and go back up to the higher PF.
I can't say for the Springco springs, but my Canik using the Glock Gen 3 guide rod with a 13lbs spring would almost certainly run that load.

Keeping your gun stock isn't necessary, especially in the long run when the cost of the parts gets forgotten. 135 PF is basically factory ammo, but shooting a little flatter because of the heavier bullet. That's not ideal, but not huge in the short run either.

OTOH, running at 127 PF is cutting it awfully close to sub-minor. Are you going to trust that load at a bigger match, with someone else's chronograph? The last big match I went to with a chrono had almost as many people shooting limited minor as it did limited major due to a slow chrono. I always aim for 5 over, just to be safe.
What he said...

The ballistics don't change that much for a 9mm over 0-25 yds. If shooting further, then precision reloading MIGHT help, but you would probably want a higher PF anyway.

Load to the 135PF (or 133 or what you thinks gives you a margin of safety).

The Sprinco will definitely ensure it will work, but that isn't saying anything at all. Just like a 1911, it's like asking if a certain guide rod will work. Sprinco has a wide variety of springs that will tune your SFX to run with any load on their system, you just have to find the right one. Much simpler to load a bit hotter (which the SFX was designer for), and solve it that way.

OTOH, there is no downside to the Sprinco if you go that way. Mine has been very reliable, but I almost only shoot 124gr factory or 124gr NATO.
3375 Mr Unice wrote: Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:57 pm My question is will a Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System rectify my problem with stovepipes Or should I just keep my guns all stock and go back up to the higher PF.
Are you running the Canik reduced RSA or the original stock unit? I requested the reduced weight spring and the one they sent me was specified in the paperwork as being 18-18.5#. Not exactly a light spring by any means.

Currently I'm running the SFx with the Sprinco RSA with the white 11# spring, Glock Red 28N FP spring, Cajun Gun Works safety plunger spring and the FS Fat Daddy trigger. I recently tested some reloads, 147g ACME HiTek coated bullets, 2.9g - 3.2g of TG, and Federal primers. The velocities ranged from 857 - 933, so PF was between 126 - 137. With the 2.9g loads, there were no failures of any kind, and very soft shooting. The spring setup I'm running works well with light loads. Now these reading were on a cold morning with the temps right around 30*, so I'm sure these numbers will be higher with warmer temps.

My 650 is arriving tomorrow, so I'll have some setting up to do. Once the bullets arrive I can continue doing some more testing.

I've been using Federal 150g Syntech in matches with no failures.
3375 Mr Unice wrote: Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:37 pm
The original Spring set up.

If you're running all the stock springs, you're going to have issues running subsonic loads. The springs are way t0o heavy.
Here's the links to what I'm running...

Plunger Spring from Cajun Gun Works...
Sprinco RSA... Walther Q5 Match (White Spring) #19170...
Rock Your Glock FP Spring... 28N Striker Spring...

I have these FP springs as well for backups...
Ghost Inc.... 6# Striker Spring.... ... g-striker/

I also bought the new pair of machined firing pins from Century Arms and using one of them now.
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