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By keltex78
Looks like Taurus is releasing the next iteration of the Millennium etc. line.

This time, it's the G3C. It appears to be a primarily cosmetic upgrade to the G2C/Millennium G2/PT111. What I do notice is a redesigned trigger safety. If they have fixed the catch in the safety while keeping the good features and low price of the the G2C, they may have a winner here:

Image ... mpact-9mm/

By Lgaam
I've watched a couple of the videos that are out. No one specifically mentions fixing the catch in the trigger, but they do rave about it a bit. Gun shows are open for the moment in Florida an.d my LGS is in Tampa this weekend and will be moving back into the store on Monday... If he has one, I won't be able to check it out until at least Tuesday
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By Janik
I may end up getting a G3c. I've been running the crap out of my TX22 and it's phenomenal. It's the first Taurus I've purchased since the early 90's since they had a bad reputation. I'm really liking the TX22, so I was looking at a G2c. But I may hold out for the G3c.
Same trigger as what's in the G3 and it's a fantastic little piece. Got two in from Taurus to start parts manufacture for. G2c guide rod already fits it, same for Traction Grips. Only gripe is that they stuck withe the 12rd non extendable mags. Gonna find enough Gold Dot to load three mags and carry it a few weeks, see how it rides and shoots.

By oldfrank
Several of the gun magazines I subscribe to had good reviews of the G3.
It said they made some improvements.

It may be a viable pistol for someone who needs a pistol to protect their home and are on a type budget!

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