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Most of my shooting over the last year or even longer has been almost exclusively with my carry pistols. Took these guys out for a good cleaning, and plan to rotate them into range sessions, which I should be able to resume as phase 2 openings of businesses begin.

A couple of my favorite .45s. A Springfield 1911 that was an incomplete box of parts that I bought from a pawn shop, and completed with some upgraded parts. A Sig P220 that shoots like it was made for me. And then the Italian 92FS that was my first handgun purchase after I turned 21 (almost 30 years ago).


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By higgybaby
I have the 92....and a Sig older model P228- which is my all time most favorite shooter. #1 son has dibs on the 228 and the grandson wants the 92-so they were cleaned up and locked away.
Some of those big old guns are really smooth shooters.
Love the look of the Sig. Always thought the 22* models had a great look to them. I have a 226 "Blackwater" edition - never been fired.

Neil :-)
qballbandit wrote: Thu May 28, 2020 9:28 pm Love the look of the Sig. Always thought the 22* models had a great look to them. I have a 226 "Blackwater" edition - never been fired.

Neil :-)
Should be similar to the Enhanced Elite that I picked up, a few years ago. Shame yours hasn’t been fired. They shoot pretty nice.

I don’t know if I ever thought of Sigs as “sleek”, but they do have a kind of no nonsense look about them. They always seemed to look tall in the slide to me. But I’ve always shot them well.

When I bought my Beretta almost 30 years ago, I was torn between the Sig 226 and the Beretta 92. The Beretta trigger, won me over. My one issue with Sigs is the location of the slide stop/release. With a high grip and thumbs forward, I tend to defeat the standard size slide stop from last round hold open very regularly. I swapped my slide stop on the 226 out to a low profile one.

It has not been fired due to it being the "Blackwater Edition", which was limited, and has an interesting backstory to it. Believe me, I'm dying to shoot it, but everyone keeps telling me to hold on to it for it's rarity (somewhat).
No that the value of the gun has risen to epic monetary value....but if it does \:d/

Neil 8-)
Oh I know the backstory on the Blackwater edition. I just don’t have any “unfired” handguns. I had a collectors piece once. Traded it off for a couple pistols I could shoot. But I understand.
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