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Post by Tejas Products » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:38 pm

As most of are limited to range time nowadays. I was seriously thinking about getting some air powered guns to plink around with either in the backyard, and maybe inside, but probably more outside... I've done some comparison lookups online and there doesn't seem to be a favorite either way... I guess it really just depends on what your looking for...

I'm ore interested I think in accuracy, punch and (why the heck not) full auto versions.... I can set aside a decent amount for purchase so that's not really an issue for my decision.....

What say the group....

Also, I can utilize these for some of my training classes as well, so that is a factor...
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Post by Lgaam » Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:04 pm

In the past, I've been more interested in airsoft than BBs. Airsoft has the advantage of being able to do force on force training with the proper equipment. I've also got a stockade fence in the backyard and it'll take less damage from airsoft for anything that misses the mark. For the right price, there are airsoft options with generally the same manual of arms and they are compatible with existing setups for mag holders, holsters, etc.
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Post by zeda3000 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:13 pm

As a person already traning at home with my Air rifle. I will suggest Air rifle .

The reasons is

Air rifle has riflied bore like real fire arm. They are super accuracy

BB guns realy danger for indoor if you are using steel pellet.

Airsoft has no accuracy like Air rifle. As a person already taste the fire arm accuracy Air soft will never make you happy. I had Air soft even full auto Glock. No fun.

Air rifles has many kind pellet options. Diffrent grain , Hallow , Soft ball.

In full Auto in door you will shoot everywhere in home. It is so disturbing collecting from house all white air soft pellets. It goes everywhere. Super easily ricochet

If you thinking indoor options my suggest is 4.5 mm (.22) pellet. The reason is it is enough to punch to paper. Small caliber is more quite and more safe for short range.

You cant find full Auto maybe but today Semi Auto available for Air rifles.

I am using this Steel Air rifle target. It is very small but easy to storage at home.


Air soft use Green Gas , BB guns use small CO2 tube. I never like PCP rifles cause for shooting they are requirerd too much accesories. Like Pump , Scuba Tube , Connectors. It is pain in ass pump the every 100 shooting.

I was looking for some powerfull and fully real fire arm feeling air rifle and i found from Umarex 850 made by Hammerli. Hammerli is Olympic rifle produce for Walther also.


But i can suggest this also.


This is %100 copy of Beretta 9mm Pistol. Very confortable.

Today i am still shooting with air rifle at home . I bought full kit of rifle. Inculuded Silencer and Walther Scope. I am leaving in building so mostly i am shooting arround 15 mt far away in door. This is my best fun during this COVID lockdown

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