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By Tejas Products
About 3 years ago I decided to get my LTC (License to Carry) mainly just to have a legal backup since I was going to the range so often... It only took a few weeks before I started to sporadicly start carrying.... I started out with a Bersa 380 inside waste band holster..... Yesterday my new leather holster from Versacary arrived for my new CZ SP-01 compact.... I'm not one to OC but wanted something mainly for church where I have my suit on.... Now here is my current load out....

For those quick runs to the corner store when I just have my gym shorts on... Taurus Spectrum .380 in a pocket Desantis holster.
My everyday carry, M&P shield in a Alien Gear IWB holster
And my new OC is a CZ SP-01 Compact in a Versacarry leather holster.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
I have a Versacary too. Great little holster.

I use that, a Alien gear OWB or an Alien shoulder rig with my S&W 9C. Shoulder rig is great for for riding the Harley.

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