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As I’m looking to try out competition I read that I should have at least 2 extra mags on me in competition. I didn’t want to show up with the plan “A” of pulling them outta my Jean pockets... anyway, my friend that made my holster can make pretty much anything with leather or kydex and I’m looking for suggestions on best design brand / model that you guys like for quick access & function for competition.

Any thoughts from people that do comps will help 👍

As always thanks for the great info!
I make sure the magazine pulls freely and smoothly but is secure enough that it won't fall out from running. That near half of it sticks out of the pouch. That it is canted away from my body enough that my thumb fits between the mag and my flab without restriction and that the pouch is attached rigidly to my pistol belt and does not wiggle or wobble. Hope this helps.

PS. There is a guy that does the pocket thing at my local. Nothing wrong with that.
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