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By HSmaxim
Considering how pleased I've been with my Canik's (a TP9SFT is my latest) I decided to try one of the Girsan Regards that came into the local shop.
I already am flush with Beretta 92 mags so why not.

So far so god.
The pistol is not an exact copy.
Many differences in the size of the frame and of many of the small parts.
My Beretta slide will not go onto the Girsan frame or vice versa.

I typically swap out grips on every handgun I own if possible and go with either a Hogue or G10 of some sort.

Nobody that I could find is making anything for the Girsan and none of my Beretta grips would fit.
So I took a $50 risk and picked up a set of G10's from Amazon and broke out the Dremmel and the 400/600 wet sandpaper.

The result:
By Tejas Products
I’ve been looking at that as well. Reviews are good on it. Let us know how it shoots and your overall impression
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By Janik
Looking forward to your range review. I'll have to look into this more. I've been looking at the Taurus variant, but will look more closely at this now.
By HSmaxim
So far I've only gotten 500 rounds through the gun.

Not a single hitch.
I've used 124gr in WWB and some S&B.
Mecgar mags for the Beretta 92 including the 18 and 20 round ones work just fine as do the 15 round GI mags.
The 17 round factory Beretta mags don't like to drop free.

I shoot mainly steel and at 7 and 21 yards hitting 6 and 8" round plates is easy.

So far so good, another buddy of mine has both the black and the FDE and he's up to 3000 through the black and 2000 through the FDE with the same results as I'm having.

Talked to the shop owner where I got mine and he says they are coming out with factory models wearing G10 grips...
By Whitecastle123
ImageImageI bought a Girsan Regard about 1 1/2 years ago from Classic Firearms for $439.00 imported by Zenith. They stopped importing now EAA took over. Classic has the EAA for around $330.00. Looks identical but not sure if it’s the same finish or not. I think it’s a very well made pistol, shoots great, never a jam with range ammo and a pretty nice trigger. I have a Taurus 92 also but the Girsan wins.


Sorry just messing around with photos just seeing what works. The first is a crappy shot of a Girsan Regard and a Beretta m9-22lr and a Sar B6p.
By rakpm63
I own Girsan Regard MC and I want to grips replace with Wilson Combat Ultra Thin grips

1.Will it fit out of the box?
2.If not what modifications do I need to make?
3.Or will not fit with any modifications?

The question is should I or shouldn't buy WC grips
By Tejas Products
I don’t have the Reguard, but I’ve got the Girsan 1911. I’d put it on par with a RIA.
By Tejas Products
rakpm63 wrote: Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:34 pm nice but Girsan 1911 is quite different gun
Of,course, was just relaying that Girsan as a whole is making pretty decent low cost firearms.
I emailed EAA to ask if they sold any spare parts for this pistol as I was considering it. The answer I got was "NO". Reminds me too much of the crap that went on with the Veprs to even bother. There are a bunch of nice Veprs out there for sale with no bolts because the bolts broke, try find a new bolt for a Vepr.

Without spare parts support I just cannot fathom buying one. I am not sure how much of the Beretta parts will interchange with the Regard, I will rather let someone else gamble with that one.

My 2 cents at least.
By HSmaxim
rakpm63 wrote: Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:50 pm I own Girsan Regard MC and I want to grips replace with Wilson Combat Ultra Thin grips

1.Will it fit out of the box?
2.If not what modifications do I need to make?
3.Or will not fit with any modifications?

The question is should I or shouldn't buy WC grips
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I don't seem to get notifications to my phone.

If you haven't already tried the grips you will have to modify one of the bottom holes to fit, it will be about 1.5mm or so off.
I accomplished this with a small dremmel bit after securing the grip to a piece of wood.
I also had to deepen and cut out the relief cuts for the safety.

Again, I apologize for the very late reply, I'm replying now in case anyone else with a similar question understands it's not just a drop in fit for Beretta grips.
By gunn
After reading the American Rifleman article, I am intrigued about this brand. I have had great luck with products either pistol or shotgun from Turkey. So when I can find one, I will probably purchase it.
By Tejas Products
TL1000RSquid wrote: Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:11 pm are these safety only or decocker too?
Both, when you pull the safety down it decocks the hammer but then it stays in safe mode. I bought one for a night stand gun. I ended up selling only because I wanted something smaller. I put the D spring upgrade in it as well. I have no complaints at all. Functioned 100% for me.

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