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Yeah being in a business where the feds can and will crawl up your ass with a microscope at will and hiring illegals seems like a very poor idea, but perhaps the counterfeit documents were good enough they didnt know.
The article seems to indicate that it was part of an area wide raid on a ring of false ID's that Bear Creek was caught up in.

The local news this morning only focused on the "gun manufacturer" and no other businesses, and "neglected" to mention the other businesses affected.
DWARREN123 wrote: Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:16 pm If you deal with firearms in any manner you had best be on the correct and right side of the law!
Yep .... a local gun shop here sold several different firearms that wound up involved in a couple crime sprees. The feds closed his shop, prosecuted him and he went to the pokey for 10 years. The charge was "straw sales".
I do not believe it for one minute- I believe he sold the guns legally- but the buyers put them in the hands of the criminals.
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