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As Lgaam said, when drawing from appendix, I am mostly bringing the pistol straight up my body and meeting my support hand near chest level. Then I’m just pushing/pointing straight out from my chest,almost like punching the muzzle forward toward my target while I find my front sight. It becomes pretty fast and natural.

On my shot timer, my appendix draw to first shot (beep to first shot really) is usually about a half second faster than my strong side, or 4 o’clock draw. Doesn’t seem like much, but it tends to support the idea of more efficient movement. Appendix also seems better to me for concealment, retention, and access if in close quarters.
Great information guys, thanks.
While I'm not near ready for IWB, or appendix, I read your procedures loud and clear, and they seem pretty logical.
If not carrying my Elite at 8 o'clock (mainly with larger shirts or opened buttoned shirts, or zip-up's), I have my APX Compact in an Alien Gear Cloak Slide holster at 10-11 o'clock (great when wearing xlarge tee's). Practicing daily with this draw, my hand and arm position are feeling more natural now up around the front than before I started, so I am seeing how the appendix draw can seem just as natural with enough practice.
My instructor taught me early on to parallel my draw hand to wherever my gun is when practicing, but without obvious telegraphing.
It's all fascinating and fun, and I enjoy every minute of my practice at home, the range, or in class. :-D

Neil 8-)
I just ordered the OWB made by RedX ( Holsters for my TP9SFx. Have not received it yet but I am anxiously awaiting. The options and patterns are abundant.
Great price as well and owned and operated by a veteran. Even got a special "thank you" note from the Redx team when my order was placed.
Check em out.
Plus! They can build a holster for certain attachments to the rail.
I went with the basket weave pattern as I like to be discrete.


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