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By Janik
Anyone have any thoughts on this gun? I've been looking at it for awhile now for my wife. Today my sister texted me and said she bought a new gun, and it's this one. Got me thinking again about getting this for my wife. She seems to be somewhat recoil sensitive, which I'm sure could be cured with more time behind the trigger. But, since it's like pulling teeth to get her to the gun range, I suppose this would be better than a stick in the eye. We fondled one awhile back at the LGS and the slide is easy to rack, which is another problem she has. Again, training and more familiarization with firearms would help. What really sucks is when she does go to the range, she can put rounds on target real easy, and produce tight groups.

Anyway, curious if anyone has experience with this gun. I'm not thrilled about adding yet another caliber, but she needs something she can manipulate easily and have soft recoil so she can put rounds where they need to go. I'm also not too keen on the grip safety, but it is what it is.
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My wife bought one and likes it. It is comfortable to shoot and the slide racks so easily. It is no tack driver but, it does just fine for what it was made for. I have shot a couple hundred rounds through it and it is very reliable. I have had no FTFs or FTEs. I have even carried it a few times because it is so light and it carries well in this Florida heat.

It is not a striker fired gun. It has an internal hammer. They make, or made, one with a thumb safety. I would feel better if my wife's had that. The grip safety is not an issue and you really don't notice it. My wife and I both have commented about this being a great gun for anyone with weaker grip strength or someone that shys away from recoil.
Trying to decide between the Shield EZ or the the Springfield 911 for the wife. She likes the 911's grip and sights a bit better, while I think the EZ is much easier to rack with overall better functionality. Held them both and really pushed and prodded every which way. Have read, seen, and have been told nothing but positives for the EZ.
My wife enjoys shooting her VP9 at the range, but is considering pursuing CC, so I'll encourage her to have a strong second look at the EZ.

Good luck!

Neil 8-)
qballbandit wrote: Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:11 pm My wife enjoys shooting her VP9 at the range, but is considering pursuing CC, so I'll encourage her to have a strong second look at the EZ.
If $$$ is not an issue consider the VP9 SK. A friend got for one this wife after much research and they both loved it.
Thanks LT, yes - we are very aware of the SK. The challenge to work through with Sandy (my wife) is her comfort with the 9mm vs. the 380's. She has better overall control and consistency with the 380's she's had the opportunity to shoot, where with the 9mm's, not as much. I think it's a matter of getting some class time under her belt with a good instructor. I know that has certainly helped me.
On the other hand, she also has weaker hands with some arthritis, onset of carpel tunnel, etc., so the EZ and it's extremely friendly slide is such a great option, at least for now.

I looked at, and handled one when I took my sister-in-law shopping for her first gun. She has small hands and needed something she could rack, and be able to reach the mag release. It boiled down to two guns, the EZ and the Walther PPS. For me the PPS had a much better trigger and it was 9mm. Jill was leaning towards the EZ, mainly for how easy it was to rack, until the guy at the shop had her dry fire each with her eyes closed, and just concentrate on the trigger pull. She ended up choosing the PPS.

Choosing a gun is such a personal thing...I guess you could say it's a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" kinda thing. What fits me and what I like, might not be for you.
onlyoldiron4me wrote: Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:54 am Another thought would be the Ruger LC9s or EC9s with a Galloway RSA, makes for a very easy rack, and you can pick up a EC for about $200.
I actually shoot mine better than my shield!
This one is a contender too. I was looking at them the other day. I had an original LC9 and the trigger wasn't all that great. I dry fired the LC9s the other day at my LGS, and it's definitely a lot better now that it's a striker fired.
Going back to comment on my above post - I think we may have settled on the Grand Power CP380 for my wife.
Janik, any progress since you originally put up this post?

Neil 8-)
qballbandit wrote: Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:37 pm Going back to comment on my above post - I think we may have settled on the Grand Power CP380 for my wife.
Janik, any progress since you originally put up this post?

Neil 8-)
Not yet. I'm rethinking it and may just get her something in 9mm. We don't own any 380s and I don't really want to add another caliber if I can avoid it.
If thinking other than Canik, I can endorse the H&K VP9, unless looking true compact/sub-compact.
H&K puts together decent packages. One of the sweet things is that they add s/m/l/ side panels and back straps, so you can really customize your grip to fit. My wife loves to shoot hers. Very nice trigger, fully ambi, greet shooter - manageable muzzle flip and recoil, users choice with mag catch/release; either traditional on the grip, or on the rear of trigger guard, and she likes the "charging support" extensions on the rear of the slide that extend outward. She gets a better rack being able to grab them.
I am also impressed with H&K user manuals. Very well put together.
Her father is picking up his VP9SK tomorrow. I can't wait to shoot it. Also pretty impressive for a compact sized gun. His next is the H&K .45 V1.


I'm very pleased with a slimfit holster.

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