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I saw this topic in search but the discussion become more about legal use than the insurance policies themselves. So, here goes again.

What firearm "insurance" do you use and why? I was the next thing to going with US Law Shield but after some more research, I'm now leaning to USCCA and still considering CCW Safe. For what it's worth, I'm a new shooter since July of this year. I have applied and am waiting on my weapons carry license in Georgia (should be here in about a month). Any thoughts, opinions, and experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.
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A must if you carry IMO. Went through law shield, No particular reason besides they were at my range one day signing people up for a discount.
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+1 For US Law shield... They are based in Texas so we have the Texas/US law shield version... Hopefully I'll never have to found out how good / bad they might be.
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I use USCCA. Price has always been right in my book and I read several comparisons and they beat the crap out of the NRA (when they still offered it).

Tejas Products wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:15 pm Hopefully I'll never have to found out how good / bad they might be.
Amen, brother.

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On another note, I suggest carefully studying each company's caps, and how far they'll carry you into civil trial expenses.

Neil 8-)
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