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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
By rhiliam
Hello folks, was wondering if there is anyone on the the forum who is in Canada (Ontario) who shoots IPSC and could help guide me. I have a Canik TP9SA, (but thinking of getting an SFX) and wondering if anyone is able to help me create a rig that is Canik specific. I am relatively new to shooting and am looking forward to some competition style fun.

I have spoken to a few people who shoot IPSC, but seems almost all have either a Glock or CZ and weren't able to offer much guidance other than suggestions of belts.

Thanks in advance.
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By Janik
Not sure about whose all in Canada, but maybe some of the more seasoned competition shooters such as [mention]Weapon[/mention] , [mention]GlennSFX[/mention] or @t[mention]TL1000RSquid[/mention] to name a few might be able to point you in the right direction. Welcome to the forum.
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By Weapon
Just about any mag carriers that will fit Beretta will fit Canik.

Double Alpha makes a nice belt
Ghost 360 mag carriers are nice.
Smoky Mountain Concealment or CompTac Inteenational make Production/Carry Optics compliant holsters.

The less expensive route:
Black Scorpion belt
Black Scorpion clone mag carriers on eBay for about $8 each - they work so long as you put some skateboard tape on the angle adjustment disk to keep them from slipping after you adjust them.

If you plan to shoot in carry optics, an SFx with a Leupold Deltapoint Pro is hard to beat. Add a Freedomsmith trigger and a few other mods and it will run with anything in CO.

Gotta get to work. Do you need specific pistol tweaks or were you just looking for info on a comp belt rig? If so, I will check back in a bit. :)
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By GlennSFX
As [mention]Weapon[/mention] mentioned, the SFX with the DPP, and some internal mods, makes the SFX a GREAT fairly inexpensive Carry Optics gun. I'm running the 7.5 moa pyramid dot and really like it. I'd say go with the SFX.
There's a lot of info on the internal mods posted within the forum. I have mine posted in my build thread here... viewtopic.php?f=9&t=270


For USPSA and Steel Challenge, here's the rig I'm using...
A shout out to my son who bought me the belt and mag pouches for Christmas! :-BD


Belt is a Double Alpha...

Mag carriers are Black Scorpion... ... bon-finish
They really nice and very adjustable!

Holster is a Smokey Mountain Concealment Comp 2.0... ... on-holster
Can't say enough good things about this holster!

Holster hanger is a Boss... ... ount-only/
Because the holster is screwed to the BOSS hanger, I bought a second SMC holster. I use the first one for IDPA and mounts to a RTI quick change belt hanger. The Comp 2 holsters are SUPER NICE!

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