USPSA Production and weight limit questions

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USPSA Production and weight limit questions

Post by Bladerunnergt » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:15 pm

So I see the rules state that a USPSA production pistol with an empty mag inserted can be up to 4 oz over the limit. The TP9SFx is coming in at 29.3oz per the USPSA rules. Can anyone tell me how much it weighs with an empty 18 round mag in it? The reason I ask is because I was thinking of adding some Taylor Freelance +0 Brass base plates for the little extra weight (shows 2.7oz on the website), but if it's going to bump me over into limited because I'm over the limit, I might as well just buy a weight kit and run it limited. Thanks for the help all!
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Re: USPSA Production and weight limit questions

Post by LT USN (Ret.) » Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:02 pm

If you are using an SFx in Production, you are wasting a lot of mag space due to the 10 round limit. But, with that being said, are you having problems with the mags dropping free with the 18 round baseplates? When shooting Production I shoot a full size M&P 9 with +0 aluminum baseplates that add 1 oz; drops free like a helicopter without power and a good purchase if a "grip & rip" is required. Never need the additional weight brass provides.

Limited opens up the rules a bunch but, you'll be going against higher end guns.

I use the SFx for Carry Optics; almost all the size & weight rules go away like limited.

Happy shooting!
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