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Basic Firearm and Defensive Skills and Training Discussion Section.
I thought I'd start a thread where we can post links to some of our favorite training targets and how we use them.

Image ... _drill.pdf

This one is used with a partner, where a color is called out, and you have to put your shot in that color circle. Doesn't matter where you choose to shoot, as long as you're in the right color. Your limited to exactly 25 rounds so if you miss it's "down 1", wrong color, "down 3". I use a shot timer so you're playing for time and accuracy. To be fair we call the next color right after the shot goes off. Typically involves at least one mag change so you have that to work on as well. We usually shoot it at 3 and 5 yards. Fun drill! :-D

I'll follow up with some others.
I went a different route. I had a buddy cut out a metal template for USPSA targets with the A zone noted. I just use all those amazon boxes I get delivered, cut them up and use a sharpie to draw my USPSA metric targets on them.

It is my way of recycling, plus I think its fun I recycle man shaped cardboard with holes in them every week, I wonder what the garbage men think when they take the cardboard recycling dumpster. :)

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